40+ years

in the industry

100+ engineers

working together

45M+ a/v devices

in the market

1M+ capacity

per month


Skardin is a leading Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Company specializing in the supply of Set Top Box & Broadband industry solutions for the last 40 years. We are continuously investing and renewing our capabilities to provide new cutting edge products in advance networking and smart home platforms.

Thanks to the long market history and strong partnership with all major industry players (CPU, CAS, DRM, SW, MW), we are providing our customers with the best quality product and solutions.


Larger property, bigger capacity, faster time-to-market.

SKED is the Skardin’s new world-class Factory operative since September 2016 in the Fujian province, built on a total of 47.700 SqM owned land.

SKED employees are the core of what we are and do. Taking special care of our working environment and recreational facilities, we have improved the products quality standards and our company personnel lifestyle.



Zapper, Hybrid, DVR, OTT, from HD to UHD.


IOT and Home Automation: Smart link and gateway.


WIFI Speakers, Hybrid Soundbase, Sound Bar.


Proprietary SW/Middleware, 3rd party SW/MW integration, CAS Integration.


Where we do operate

Our large product portfolio, from the low end HD to the multiform hybrid 4K UHD & OTT, has enabled us to serve the major players in each one of the continents.

Our flexibility in addressing the customer needs has enabled us to be awarded by the top Pay-tv & Telco, as well as by key retail customers, smaller in size, but with the same level of importance and focus for us.

Servicing customers while insuring their satisfaction is part of our DNA. This has enabled long-term partnerships with the majority of our clients, successfully earning their loyalty for many years.